Awards for ReFrame profiles from profine

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-29      Origin: Site

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ReFrame profiles of profine´s KÖMMERLING brand are the first to be made entirely of recycled PVC-U and at the same time have a fine, luxurious, UV-resistant surface, as well as high-quality technical properties.


A corresponding construction project was already implemented in Amsterdam last year, and two more in Möchengladbach, Germany, have been underway since spring 2021.

Within a few days, the profile system, which stands for a closed material cycle, has currently won two awards.

On June 23, 2021, ReFrame received a Rethink Award in the Netherlands. An independent jury of experts judged 42 entries and unanimously selected ReFrame as the winner in the Recycling category.

The Rethink Awards are an initiative of trade associations of the Dutch Rubber and Plastics Industry and Plastics Europe Netherlands. They offer a platform to sustainable and innovative products and are awarded annually.


Just two days later, the “WFK.Awards 2021” were presented at the 2nd Vienna Window Congress - and here, too, ReFrame was able to convince the jury and win the prize in the Sustainability category.

Dr. Peter Mrosik, Owner and CEO of the profine Group: “Our ReFrame profiles stand for a closed material cycle and thus for a complete conservation of natural resources. They point the way into the future with a view to a complete circular economy and offer sustainable solutions for generations. Our entire team can be very proud of these awards!"