KÖMMERLING on the shirt until 2024

Views: 14     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-19      Origin: Site

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profine GmbH with its KÖMMERLING brand will remain on the Mainz 05 shirt chest until 2024. The system provider extended the contract as the main and shirt sponsor of the Bundesliga football club for another year at an early stage.


The KÖMMERLING brand has been on the shirts of the team since 2015. It is the longest commitment of a partner as main and shirt sponsor in the history of professional football at Mainz 05.

Dr. Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of profine, says: “Our cooperation with Mainz 05 is a very important component in the strategy of our Kömmerling brand and has been extremely successful to date. The response from our partner companies to this end customer marketing is also very positive. Like Mainz 05, Kömmerling stands for sustainability, and we are also united by values such as responsibility, authenticity and team spirit. With the foundation `Kömmerling Better World Stiftung`, we also support the club in its `Mission Climate Defender`, because climate protection and the preservation of natural resources are also part of our self-image. All in all, our brand partnership is a success story that everyone involved can be proud of and that we are happy to continue writing together."


Dr. Jan Lehmann, Board Member for Finance & Commerce of 1. FSV Mainz 05, adds: “The cooperation with Kömmerling is a particularly successful and lively partnership. Together with our marketing partner Infront, we are continuously developing the content of our shared history. Both companies stand for common values such as social and ecological responsibility, authenticity and team spirit. We both stood by this partnership even in difficult times and regardless of short-term results, and we also mastered the challenges of the Corona crisis in partnership."