Koemmerling 76 PremiSlide System won the "Preferred Products for Promotion and Application"

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-27      Origin: Site

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On April 15th, at the annual meeting of the plastic door and window industry held in Xi'an, Koemmerling PremiSlide 76 system was awarded the "Preferred Products for Promotion and Application" in China plastic door and window industry.


For Koemmerling PremiSlide 76 system, the U value of the window (door) frame is less than 1.3, which can meet the domestic passive house requirements.


- It not only has the high sealing performance of the opening system, but also has the advantages of safe operation and space saving of the traditional sliding system.


- It can be used as both windows and doors of very large size, which are widely used in villas, families, kindergartens, pension institutions, etc.